Vata Facial Set (Dry/Mature)




Ayurvedic Facial Kit for Dry Skin.

Made especially for those with Dry skin, this kit contains the following products:

  • Coconut Rose Cleansing Cream, 2oz
  • Vata Exfoliating Face & Body Wash, 4oz
  • Rose Hydrating Toner, 80ml
  • Vata Facial Oil, 10ml

Ayurvedic Info: This product is best for Vata skin. The Sanskrit word Vata is used to describe a combination of the two elements ether and air. When these elements are out of balance in the body it will manifest on the skin as dehydration, flakiness, and wrinkles. A change in pigmentation, marked by uneven skin tones, may also be present. Vata, when out of balance, can also create a generally un-grounded state of being.

Directions:  For best results, begin facial routine by first moistening the skin with luke warm water.  Cleanse with a dime sized amount of Coconut Rose Cleanser then scrub with Vata Exfoliating Face and Body Wash.  Spritz face with Rose Hydrating Toner, and finally, apply Vata Facial Oil while skin is still moist.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs