services_coachingHappy 12.12.12. There are much prayers for healing and raising of consciousness to get ready for the SHIFT. It is the new moon tomorrow. A GREAT time to BE present in your body and simply allow joy to wash in and our of your cells.  Good things happen when we are feelin the love all around. Plant seeds of new possibility through feeling you way into the goodness.

Numerologically, today is an 11, a master number. There are people gathering all over the world to honor the INNER Master that lives in the heart. We can tap in together and feel the collective field of energy holding space to create healing.  This is no fluffy stuff here. We MUST create change  to support the evolution of life on this Earth.


1. Breathe deeply

2. Smile to yourself

3. Close your eyes

4. Ground into the center of the Earth Mother

5. Feel your crown connect with the center of the Sun via a stream of golden light

6. Breathe, smile, a visualize an incredibly happy world.

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