December 20th 2012.Wherever  you are!

What is really happening on December 21st 2012?

Last night I watched an incredible film about Crop Circles and 2012. It described some cool shtuff about the Mayan Calender in addition to some magnificent info about crop circles that I did not know.

In regards to the Mayan Calender, we are about to complete a cycle of (5) 5,125 year cycles.  This sparks me to think about what happened about 5000 years ago? Ayurveda and Chinese medicine methodology were certainly born. The Hebrew calendar is about 5000 something years old.

Where do these time markers come from?

These cycles are based on careful study of the stars and how our earth and sun line up with each other. Mystics and Seers are able to communicate  with the Star Nations PLUS  Mayan timekeepers have tracked and prophesized these times as a definite ending to a cycle.

What might we focus on in this time of change?

This time on Earth, we can help to usher in a new paradigm of awareness that is in honor of nature and all of creation. There is prophesy all over time and space that speaks to these changes. The weather is crazy stormy and we are realizing we need sustainable solutions to be able to walk in balance and beauty. Our inner worlds are also hectic as our thoughts are stormy and chaotic and overstimulated like the weather patterns. As humble individuals, all we can do is really change ourselves.

”Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Worldwide Healing Event

Lania Desmond  is offering an incredible  blessing on 12/20/12.In her words: This (remote) event will be done energetically, on a Global level to clear the space to help “tip the scales” and raise the consciousness of humanity. It’s now the most critical time to collectively release the old clutter that’s  been polluting our energy though time and space, and shine as we usher in our next evolutionary stage. Because YOU are a Healer, Spiritual Seeker, and an Uncommon Person, it’s essential to bring your presence and energy to this important Event.

  • You truly can make a difference…especially when you gather with others from around the world who hold a common vision of a world that works for everyone.
  • Let’s all put our attention on CLEARING OUT the COSMIC CLUTTER in preparation for this Monumental Event that is about to occur on 12/21/12!
  • This form of healing work is done at a distance, so your physical presence is not required. Best results occur while resting comfortable or sleeping. We strongly suggest that you do not drive during this Event.

Everyone who participates in the Event receives a report the following day outlining what was released, throughout time and space. This can be quite an amazing experience since you can review what has been addressed and compare it to issues you might have been struggling with for quite some time. Better yet, is to know that it was dissolved while you slept and had a beneficial impact on our wonderful Mother Earth at this most amazing time in history!

The fee for this Group Healing Event is only $45 per person