Life has recently been teaching me some serious lessons: BIG time.  During the last month, I have been invited by the Universe to learn to listen to my body again and yet, again.

What happened? In short, I was invited to get involved with a project that did not totally feel right. I agreed and did i t anyway.  Reflecting, I can see what happened when I did not act on the voice of  NO  within. The life lesson here at this time  is around finding the big YES in the body that feels good through and through. In order to that, we have to sometimes say a BIG NO THANK YOU…

This project  began in the full moon and right around the NEW moon, I was guided to let go and move in.  It was slightly painful since I felt attached to the financial gain of the project.  When it finally ended, I was embarrassed and felt like I failed.  Since then, I have spent the last 2 weeks unwinding my feelings about what just happened, healing and seeking comfort from my friends and family. Now, after 2 weeks of kicking and screaming,  I have decided it is time to be HAPPY and empowered again.  I had abandoned my own sense of intuition and had to go through some tough lessons and discomfort in order to remember. I had to piece the pieces back together and awaken to the magic of possibility by honoring my  intuition (RE-MEMBERING)

Now as the storm approaches the NorthEastern US  and some disaster seems inevitable, I want to encourage the people affected to remember what is really important. We have the ability to connect with the power of transformation within our own consciousness. We can RE-MEMBER who we are and what is important (family, friends, peace of mind). We can make decisions in our lives that are a YES! on all levels of being.  We do not have to sacrifice parts of ourselves. We can re-member all the parts of our lives to all be in harmony.

On this full moon, I invite you to awaken to the beauty of your big YES! and find the places in your life that you want to experience fulfillment. Do not sacrifice for the sake of whatever. Dream BIG and live your passion. Your health and happiness depend in it.