me and my Grandpa Stan. Feb 2011

After a few days celebrating my grandmother’s 95th birthday, I have oodles of insights about my family, myself and the planet.  In the past I have felt a lot of stress around family issues but now it is easier as I choose to deepen to be able to give and receive more love. I notice that after 4 days with the fam, feelings from childhood within my heart have surfaced that are so super sweet. These feelings are the kinesthetic memories of innocent joy. Feeling youthful and loved and supported is always a good thing.

1. From anywhere in our past, we can tap into  feelings of goodness and  CALL IT INTO the NOW in order to experience happiness today.

There is so much to be learned from old people. Whether or not you agree with them, our elders have priceless years of experience that we do not have. When we recognize this quality of  wisdom, ask and listen, we are respecting our elders. This mindset within myself has completely shifted my perspective on family time and has enabled a real deepening in my connection with my blood family.

2. Listen, ask and open your heart to the elders (and others) in your family. They will appreciate you and you them, which creates healing of  hearts in this day and age.

Remember where you come from but know where , as an adult, you are in your life RIGHT NOW.  You are no longer under the wing of your parents once you leave their home.  I found over the years that the more independent I have become in my own life, the more happy I have become. Parent approval is still a good thing but I do not need it to be happy. If you still are still needing their approval and you are over 25 years old and you want help breaking free, lets talk.

3. Care less about what your parents think OF your life. This does not mean that you disregard their opinions. Honor them but also honor yourself fully. Live in your truth and the world will smile back at you.