According to Ayurveda, it is Vata season right now. Vata is connected to the elements of wind and air. These elements manifest in the body in several ways. Vata rules prana and the directional flow of energy in the body. In the Autumn, we want to soothe the windy air in the body through practices that ground and calm our energy mentally, emotionally and physically.

There are many ways to help keep immunity strong and to support overall balance of Vata in this season. Here are 3 of those ways.
  1. Using ghee or (olive, sesame) oil on your pinky in the nose when weather is getting colder will help nourish tissues, boost immunity and support ease-full breathing.
  2. Massage your body with sesame oil and add essential oils that are grounding and/or warming. Tulsi, ginger, vetiver, cedar, sage, geranium. Take 2-5 minutes before your shower and then let warm water nourish the skin and steam the oils into the body as you rinse. Your towels will suffer while you being will thrive.
  3. Practice exercises that soothe Vata by connecting you to more Earthy energy. Walk in the woods with warm clothes on and choose Yoga poses that are grounding, such as: Tree, Warrior, Chair pose, Patchimotanasa. Do walking meditation.