Since childhood, I have been told I am “special.” Now, as an adult woman, I finally understand what the means. Offering healing work allows me to share my gifts with the world and I am honored to share them with you.

This technique is so beautiful and powerful. I am honored to have spent the last 7 years working with my teacher , Lania Desmond, to be able to offer this work in the world.

When I first found out about long distance work, I was indeed skeptical. But even in my skepticism, there was some little feeling inside myself wanting to trust in the “invisible” world. I was silently hoping to find magic and beauty more and more in my life. SO…I trusted my teacher, because IT FELT GOOD!

Now, after years of initiations and practice, I am in full trust of the power of my higher self. When I tune in for guidance and to do sessions for clients, there is a POWER that exists beyond my ordinary everyday state of mind. This ENERGY is the guidance system present in ESSENCE WORK sessions and it is MAGICAL.

When I offer sessions, I step out of the way and let our higherselves guide the session. I could not learn this technique in a weekend course. Life has presented opportunities to be able to offer you this work. I can work on you, no matter where you live!

I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you. Please contact for inquiries. 828-545-2867.