My Grandfather passed at age 93 this past August. I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about him since we had some family issues since early on in my life. A recent experience with Sister Hummingbird spirit gave me a healing around our connection.

All in his 80’s, Grandpa took up stained glass. It was awesome. About 5 years ago, he sent me this piece he made. This was before I began to feel Hummingbird majik in my life.  Symbolic of  our wounded relationship, the beak had broken several years  back  and I stored away hummy in a box.

Several days ago, I was cleaning through  old boxes to make room for the New Year and I was guided to dig this beautiful piece out of storage  and I was inspired to fix (glue) hummy’s beak back on. The next day,  to my surprise,  I spontaneously cried healing tears with gratitude while placing hummy on my alter to be blessed by Spirit. In that moment,  I realized a beauty my Grandpa carried his whole life  that was  being held in this beautiful stained glass creation.

I can now perceive Grandpa in a new way with new eyes and a more open heart..

I feel like fixing the beak showed my Grandpa a respect as the Spirit of Sister Hummingbird revealed a sweetness my ancestor carried.  I had never deeply known this side of him until that moment. I am now reminded to continue to appreciate the beauty we  individually bring to the world and am grateful for the loving beauty  Hummingbird carries. She is a as a majikal messenger flying into my heart to remind me to love and be grateful, while beholding the positive qualities of others and within myself, again and again.