Allowing the fast changing sounds,
sensations of rhythms pulsing,
awake and in the heart to love!I am alive and awake and here to live
free and now somehow…
it is a miracle I see
the way life continues through us.allowing the land
to hold my hand
I stand free in solidarity
in the we of collective goodness

again and again we evolve
then seemingly disolve
control to unfold the nature,
identities released, deceased

Disease burns away,
a new day returns to find us..

Wholely showered in radiant Gaia
Rebirth is alive as we dive deep
Ocean Sea replenish we
awaken true heart as we start
again and again we are renewed

Love is the key to release disharmony,
Divine flow, allow me to know
all that is needed to crytalize
our lives, reborn in Zion.