In 2002, after 10 years of prayer, meditation, tribal dance, Yoga, mantra, Kabbalah studies, Native American initiations and personal growth work under my belt, I had a major spiritual awakening experience.. During that year, I met 2 life changing spiritual teachers, my Grandma passed, the Guru from my lineage left his body and I was having profound astral experiences and intuitive openings that were both amazing and confusing.
12510119_sAt that time, I knew I wanted to uniquely support others in experiencing true inner freedom but I had no idea how to make that happen. I felt that there needed to be an integration of all the paths I was learning from, but I was clueless as to how or what to present to hold space for others to become their potential. Now, 11 years later, after many more life initiations, I am finally feeling integrated enough to present a system that supports people to embody pure potential with passion, integrity and authenticity that is rooted in the heart.
To present something authentic, I decided to take 12 weeks to create the content for these 12 themes in order to allow myself to actually go through the program while creating it. In 2013 I began on the Aries New moon and finished the foundation of the program 3 months later. I spent the last year or so filling in parts of the vision and preparing for the big release this year. Begining April 2014, I now have Programs available for Private Clients. More Info>>
Activate! includes techniques and teachings to support you in manifesting the life of your dreams by integrating energy integrity into your being one step at a time.  It includes videos, recordings, talks and interviews. The world supports us to be successful in achieving our goals through working from the inside out, not the outside in. I see this program as a tool support people in experiencing Spiritual Maturity, where each one of us takes responsibility for creating a better world, rooted in love. Here, we can harmonize ourselves to the energy of positivity that allows great change to happen on all levels of our lives.
I am now accepting NEW private clients for Activate Program. Curious? More Info>>