12510119_sIt was an honor and profound blessing to gather this past weekend in the presence of modern mystic healers and visionaries. The level of love embodied through gratitude, compassion and wisdom was truly mind blowing. Come Monday morning, I was able to experience the mystic quality of being drunk with love in a way I had never before imagined. As I recover and integrate from AWAKEN the Future Gathering, I feel AMAZING in my body, incredibly present and totally inspired.
Amongst such divine inspiration through guilds, workshops, spontaneous prayer, healings, music and dance, some key questions were asked that I would like to invite you, dear reader, to explore.
Where do your true passions live? (and how does that FEEL?)
How can you leverage your gifts as to be of service in the world?
The main reason I really LOVED this gathering is because I was amongst several hundred people who are open to become better at being authentic, present and loving in a way that is truly sustainable for future generations.
As the Hopi elders say, the time of the lone wolf is over. It is time to unite in our power together and create the dream of peace in Heaven and on Earth. The change starts with you, right now.
What are you going to do to create the miracle of peace and love on earth, right now?