We know  that yoga helps us to drop into our bodies and surrender to being present but what is often overlooked is  HOW we drop into our bodies and awaken.


Yoga in the West in an interesting phenomenon  with  a unique guna (or quality) all to itself.   We have adopted the tradition to our  busy western minds.  We are generally  quite mentally overactive in the west.  We are in our so in our brains!  This brainy energy often translates into a teaching philosposophy that can be translated as “mind over matter.”  This mindset is GREAT for changing thought patterns at the appropriate time in Jnana Yoga  (contemplative yogic study of nature of Self) but the problem comes in when instructors use the mindset of “pushing through” to grow and evolve. The competitive mindset of practicing can overstimulate and whack out our doshas if what we really need is nurturing energy and balance.


Ayur Yoga addresses this concern  by offering ways to shift our practice to be more graceful and easeful in alignment with our dosha. Of course, the best type way to practice is according to one’s specific dosha or prakriti/vrikriti.  Since many of us study and practice in classes, we can actually look at the collective dosha of our community in order to  address the needs of what is going on now and restore vitality with ease and grace.  At least we can try. 🙂

Swami Satchidananda defined YOGA ASANA as:  A Steady , Comfortable Posture.  Those are some key words! If our practice is not comfortable and steady but rather rigid and shaky, we can actually disrupt VATA and PITTA dosha in the body.  Since most people practicing in the West are VATA / PITTA dominant, it is important to activate the rasa in our bodies, or the water element.  By yummifying our energy with a fluid quality, we can balance out the intensity of fire and air and ether in our practice.  We can  nurture ourselves as we practice in a way that is inspiring but juicy. The fluidity  helps to active cerebral spinal fluid in the body, encouraging healthy circulation of lymph and plasma to nourish all the tissues in the body.  A VATA/ PITTA balancing practice is inspiring and promotes fluidity and creativity that is is both nurturing and comfortable.

This yummier style helps us to balance our straight practice with some more feminine energy, bringing balance to our overactive brains, bodies and world.  Are you Ready? ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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