I spent last weekend sitting in the presence of Dr. Vasant Lad, a living Master of Ayurveda. When I walked away on Sunday afternoon, not only did I feel like i learned a massive amount of new information but I also felt like I had a profoundly deep healing of my heart. The presence of love in this man is a testament of how living Ayurveda can magnify your spiritual energy when applied in a pure way.

Unlike some  other sciences,  Ayurveda is rooted in deep Spiritual energy.  What is  Spiritual energy?  According to Ayurveda, Enlightenment is rooted in  seeing the truth of what is.  Why is this Spiritual?  Well, the more our egos can get out of the way and be present with what is going on within and around us, the more we can taste deep true love of presence and being.  If it is possible remove the distance we hold between ourselves and others, we can merge with our environment and ultimately realize our true divine nature , which lives in the eternal heart of unconditional love.

Enlightenment as a path of healing is in itself and oxymoron. The teachings of enlightenment say we are already infinite and immortal and our human bodies are simply vessels for this pure energy of timeless life.  Our Energy bodies have other patterns in between the physical and the enlightened state. The more we drop into the truth of who we are,  the more we can identify with the truth. From a place of truth, we can  experience the truth of what is really going on. From here, it is possible to  clear the patterns of suffering, confusion and disease.  This is what I call healing.

To experience healing, we can shift things on our own but from experience,  I see how having support certainly makes it easier.


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