Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork III – 16 CEs

 Topics in this class include: Marma, Pinda Swedena and  Special Therapies
Eco_Home_Massage_325Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork III  adds onto what has been introduced in AMBI and II by further preparing the massage practitioner to specialize in the field of ayurvedic hands on treatments. Students will be introduced to pranic healing and through demonstration, lecture and group practice, students will be prepared to be able to perform Marma Therapy and Pinda Swedena treatments. In addition to learning indications and contraindications, of these 2 traditional treatments, students will practice created specialized treatments when appropriate. A certificate of achievement will be granted to each student who successfully passes the practical exam of demonstrating each modality taught in this course.
Course Objectives:

  • To explain how the basic principles of Ayurveda apply to Massage and Bodywork
  • To list the indications and contraindications for Marma/ Polarity application
  • To explain the effects of Marma Therapy on the body/mind/spirit
  • To Perform a pre-marma work polarity sequence
  • To decipher which specialized tools and oils can be used in specific situations for Marma Massage
  • To list the indications and contraindications for Pinda Swedana applications.
  • To explain the effects of Pinda Swedana on the body/mind/spirit
  • To create an ideal layout for a Pinda Swedana treatment room
  • To demonstrate methods of removing the herbal residue from the body
  • To explain which specialized herbs shall be used in specific situations

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