Ayurvedic Bodywork Trainings

Ajara Ayurvedic Bodywork Training Retreat
Tailwind Jungle Lodge, Bahía de Banderas, Mexico
January 21-28 2017

MT’s can Earn CEs and NAMA credits are also available.
Join us for the 8 day exotic training retreat in paradise

• Abhyangha: Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage – 16 CEs

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic massage that can be performed by one therapist, or by two therapists in tandem.  Over 8 ounces of warmed herbal oil is drizzled over the entire body and massaged in, using rhythmic, choreographed strokes. more –>

• Classical Shirodhara – 8 CEs

Shirodhara is a classical Ayurvedic treatment in which sedating warm oil is poured in a continuous stream across the forehead. This sedating warm oil treatment applied to the third eye promotes a deep relaxation, unattainable by any other means. more –>

• Ayurvedic Face Massage – 5 CEs

In this class, students will be exposed  to ayurvedic principles as they apply to skin care. We explore the use  of oils and herbs that can be used in Face Massage anywhere that massages are performed. more–>

• Ayurvedic Spa Treatments – 16 CEs

In this training, we will train in a Balancing Body Wrap that is nourishing, relaxing and detoxifying for the recipient. It begins with a full body dry brushing (vishesh), followed by a natural body scrub. more–>

• Yoga Self Care for the Massage Therapist – 12 CEs

This course is designed to support the bodyworker or massage practitioner in maintaining longevity in his or her chosen field. Through exploring the ways in which practitioners do not take care of ourselves, we are able to discover where we go out of balance. more –>

• Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork I – 24 CEs

This topics in this class includes: 2 and 4 handed Abhyangha, Facial Reflexology, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Self Care. more –>

Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork II – 24 CEs

Includes: Classical shirodhara, garshana and ayurvedic herbal body treatments plus Self-Care. more –>

Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork III – 16 CEs

Includes: Marma, Pinda Swedena plus special therapies. more –>

• Native Hot Stone Massage – 16 CEs

 This 16 CE hr course in Hot Stone Massage addresses the need for massage practitioners to be well grounded and prepared for spa work and private practice in a confident and safe way.  Principles of native wisdom are introduced to support MTs in having a healthy relationship with the stones. more–>
Narayani Gaia offers Continuing Education for LMT’s under the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB.#450-894-08)

Mentorship Training

Activated Life Mentor Certification 

  • Nov-Feb 2016 (Pre-Requisite) Private Activate 12 themed Sessions
  • March – November 2016 – Group Practitioner Training Begins
      • includes Big Sur Retreat – May 2016
      • includes Maui Retreat – September 2016
      • includes 3 group calls per month and monthly private sessions (9 total)

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