Ayurvedic Spa Treatments – 16 CEs

Ayurveda_HomeIn this training, we will train in a Balancing Body Wrap that is nourishing, relaxing and detoxifying for the recipient. It begins with a full body dry brushing (vishesh), followed by a natural body scrub. Next, a mini Abhyanga, then an herbal encrusted honey mask and herbal wrap. A certificate of achievement will be granted to each student who successfully passes the practical exam of demonstrating the modality taught in this course.


1. To review the basic principles of Ayurveda
2. To list the indications and contraindications for application
3. To explain the effects of the Body Balance on the body/mind/spirit
4. To identify what indications and applications are of herbs and oils
5. To create an ideal layout for a Body Balance treatment room
6. To perform the Ayurvedic Body Balance seamlessly

Practicum: (most of our emphasis and time is spent here)
1. Review of Abhyanga
2. Practice manual dry brushing (vishesh)
3. Apply body scrub
4. Learn honey/herb mask techniques
5. Perform herbal wrapping techniques
6. Carry out an entire Ayurvedic Body Balance treatment seamlessly

Fee: $400