Hap eee Summer!!!

Ok, I just had to share this EPIC recipe that I channeled this morning. Its called Ayurvedic Summer Breakfast Salad. Scroll down for ingredients…

According to the ancient sacred science of Ayurveda, Summer is PITTA season. This season is ruled by heat and the fire element mostly.

PITTA is connected with the heart, liver, skin, eyes and digestion. In balance, Pitta manifests as joy and healthy digestion, energy, balanced activity and strong ego.

Some people are more PITTA than others. We may have been born with PITTA as our dominant dosha, making us susceptible to skin rashes, digestive disorders, frequent feelings of anger and frustration ETC.

In PITTA season, most of us can benefit from following pitta balancing diets. PITTA dosha needs grounding, cooling and calming for balance. Foods and experiences combined which act to cool, calm and ground will balance pitta.

Food wise ~ Foods are sweet, astringent and bitter

Ayurveda Summer Salad
portions are per person

chopped organic apple (1/2) (astringent)
organic chopped dates (2) (sweet)
large handful of Arugula (bitter)
1/2 avacado in small slices *good for VATA
bits of raw Goat Cheese (sweet, cooling)
dash of lemon and olive oil

YUMMM! Enjoy!