Note: This is the 1st post of AyurYoga series….OMjoy!

 Ayurveda and Yoga go together like shadalada ladad digidy ding da dong… together forever like yip di   dip…..okay, you get the point.  (Can you guess my age from the opening line?) If not, we are from a   different generations and that is okay! We are all one anyway and that is the point! Both Yoga and Ayurveda recognize that we are the same in the spirit of our hearts and unique in how we live in this world at the same time.

Yoga is a traditional science that used to be taught to only serious spiritual seekers.  We know now yoga is available to many people. (It must be  good karma that so many people around the world are waking up to the practices of Yoga) In Yoga, we study the nature of consciousness and activate through tools that support evolving our souls to higher vibrations. The key is in awareness, breath and study.

Ayurveda is a natural medical science that recognizes we are multidimensional beings and is designed to support anyone, anywhere in returning to balance. It is  based on healthy lifestyle choices that are rooted in balancing the individual path with that of nature. Ayurveda FILLS out the science of Yoga by providing information (and transmission) to bring balance to our lives based on how we choose to live in the world. As I see it , Ayurveda is a beautiful RAINBOWBRIDGE between spiritual practice and living in our modern world.

I love using ayur-yoga teachings as a RAINBOW BRIDGE  that aligns with foundation of what is  EcoSpiritualWellness.  Here,  Divine Awareness of truth unites with the authentic nature of individuality in relationship to our daily lives, community, The Earth Mother and all of our relations.

Still curious about ayuryoga? Stay tuned for Post 2 in the series..AyurYoga..more than just Asana…