Abundance is Real

On this eve of Chanukah and Thanksgiving, I meditate on the qualities of abundance and lack, miracles and freedom. Knowing that the world is generous comes from the experience of feeling true peace within one’s own self. Once rooted in peace within, truth of the...

Total Surrender

Embrace only the mystery Release all thoughts about how things should be. Give away all ideas to the unknown. Inhale and.. ahhhhhhhh.. Let go of everything.. Total surrender.  – LNG 9/1/13

The Beloved

Do what inspires you.. Give freely of yourself.. Then feel deeply your heart… And behold the miracle of life. This way, the beloved will surely find you.  

The Miracle of Love Unfolding

Last night I celebrated the new moon by attending one of the sweetest house concerts I have ever been to.  It was a push to get there after a long day but I knew the rewards would be great. And it was. The night was filled with friends and music and couches and...