Winter Solstice Season Poem

Today I cried, and then I laughed… Today I remembered how it feels to be in love.. ..and what it feels like to be in fear. ..and I remembered how to pray.. Energy moves as time shifts.. Reality morphs in the spaces in between… past and present, light and...

Spring Awakening Poem

Enjoy this poem I wrote after Spring Equinox Sweat Lodge last week.   The stones reveal native people.. Races revealed, As I revell in Spirit World. Messages shown, Seeds once sown, now sprout all about. as the essence of life sprinkles humble potential into form....

Total Surrender

Embrace only the mystery Release all thoughts about how things should be. Give away all ideas to the unknown. Inhale and.. ahhhhhhhh.. Let go of everything.. Total surrender.  – LNG 9/1/13

The Beloved

Do what inspires you.. Give freely of yourself.. Then feel deeply your heart… And behold the miracle of life. This way, the beloved will surely find you.  

The Choice

Blessed Spirit that is Life, Guide our minds, hearts and bodies. May we remember, true magnificent  power always available within. This innate gift, we humans are given as we evolve, naturally. Like the promise of the return of Spring, may we remember.. We have the...