Living in the now,
inside out,
dancing sacred truth,
is what its all about.

I am ready for renewal,
a new day to dawn,
droppin a new song,
with hearts healing strong.

Even in the rain,
and when the dark of night appears,
the sun shines,
so now release the fears.

Some may come,
and some may just go,
still open to the love,
and let the vibes flow.

Show up for life,
it is waiting for you,
release the strife,
no need to be blue.

Release and Ahhh ~
we are always free,
all life is connected,
living as one family.

Welcome the love,
embrace one another,
as all one family,
sisters and brothers

The creatures and plants,
rocks, moon and bees,
surrender your heart now,
ground with the trees.

Occupy NOW,
your divine true light,
happiness is how,
we choose the good life.

Soak in true beauty,
without and within,
Imagine a world ~
where we all can win.

~ Narayani 10/19/11

May all beings be free from suffering
Om Shanthi shanthi shanthi
Om peace peace peace