The Path to Spring feels like a joy. But what happens when you realize that stepping into Spring requires WORK! Work like cleaning house, letting go of wintery stagnation, cleaning up the yard and planting something new. ARE YOU READY? IF NOT, WHAT IS personally HOLDING YOU BACK?
Being that I was born in Spring, I have an opportunity to utilize this time as a path to shyical and SOUL renewal. My birthday is coming up and so I feel lots of energy and excitement about what I want to call in this year as I rotate again around the sun.
This week, I quit my job that was stressing me out for the past 6 months. I decided that even though I could use the money and training, I was not happy there. Since I am committed to embodying  spiritual integrity in my life, I choose to GET RID OF THINGS that are keeping me from being happy. When it is hard to do, There are several ways I work through the stuckness. Here are 3:
1. Listen to your Body
Our bodies hold the answers to so much power if we just listen. Close your eyes, take a breath and feel your body’s response to any question about anything. The body is humble and is a powerful tool for information.
2. Ask the Universe for support
Whether this means asking your guides, your ancestors or just your friends or all of the above, seek help! There is enough love available for everyone in unlimited supply. Ask and listen!
3. Make a quiet commitment 
Once you get the guidance it takes to be inspired, make a commitment to act. Say it to yourself before going to sleep. Say it to your friends and family. Write it out. Give yourself at least a few days to start to materialize. This will grow your willpower and inspire you.
What are you tricks to moving through blockages in your life? Please share!