I am inspired. Its been a month of personal challenge and this challenge sparks me to create change from the inside out with some help form majikal tools of the heart….

What a blessing it is to be empowered to change the course of our lives. We are infinite beings and as soon as we realize that, the little stories of our lives seem a little bit smaller. As infinite beings, humans are embodying our souls in order to experience life in this dimension. Hopefully we can use out inner majikal abilities to create lives of joy, peace and abundance for all.

As amazing beings, we are able to change and create lives that are different from our pre-programed states of being. Yes, it is true , that our family DNA makes our hair and eye color and that we often will feel the emotions of our parents and notice how we are really tied in with them on a subconscious level. Often people will use the DNA factor as an excuse to justify why things cannot change in their lives due to the conditioned patterns w inherited or that ist is from the childhood we have lived. If exploring past challenges helps us to grow individually and thus collectively, I am all about being real with the struggles. I will look at these things for a while and then look beyond in order to create change that is empowering.

Wheres the Majik?
When we can be present with the truth of our immortal spiritual nature, we can be present with the struggles of anger and fear and do not need to hold onto these pains. Holding the awareness of the imbalances with the beauty of all of creation allows the negativity to melt away. In the place of RIGHT SEEING, we can flip the story and imagine the life and situation in a good way by perceiving the most positive outcome with our hearts wide open to majikal possibilities.


  • Sit quietly somewhere inside or out where you will not be disturbed for 15-20 minutes
  • Sit nice and tall in cross legged or with your feet on the ground in a chair.
  • Imagine your tailbone grounding through a golden chord into the ground, anchoring into the core of Earth Mother. Smile.
  • Breathe deeply into your belly 10 out and in breaths total
  • Go deep and know who you are is not defined just by the roles in life you play or your name.
  • Say to yourself, I AM INFINITE
  • Notice if there is resistance or fear.Observe while repeating the above mantra to yourself with a whisper or silently. I AM INFINITE
  • Put your attention on anything disturbing you while keeping awareness of I AM INFINITE
  • From the place of INFINITE awareness, imagine the situation in your life getting better, with ease and grace. IMAGINE things as you would want them to be.
  • Ask your Higher Self or GOD GODDESS ALL THAT IS to being the situation or better into your life as a door to benefit all beings.
  • Breathe into your heart center and feel gratitude.
  • SPEAK A PRAYER or OM to ground your energy .
  • Journal or write poetry about your experience (or send me an email!)
  • Practice daily for 3 days and see what happens!

Let us know how it is going!