Its Autumn Equinox this week. Below are some thoughts about moving through the heaviness of the changing energies.

I realized some time ago that the way I receive guidance and transformation in the world is through how things feel. My mother helped me with that when I was a child. I asked her what all these detailed dreams meant I was having. She said what is important is how I FEEL about my dreams. I have since discovered a way to trace the meaning of what I am dreaming and feeling by going within and being with whats going on. This applys to my “waking” and “dreaming” life.

I must admit that feeling my way through life is not always been fun or easy, yet it is absolutely necessary to obtain the liberation and freedom I so love. Sometimes what I feel emotionally is frustration, anger, fear, apathy or rejection. I know it is important to be able to own it in order to move through and grow spiritually. If I feel it, express , breathe, release, pray and invite peace, it is possible to experience the gift of whats going on. This is the natural process I have discovered that truly works.

The below practice can be practiced alone or with a partner/friend who is supportive. If you are alone, sit and talk to either Nature, God/Goddess, Your higher self or spiritual guides(or all of the above!) If sharing with another person, see them as a divine knowing being.

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Feel it..
  3. Talk it out.
  4. Notice if the feelings relate to other experiences from the past.
  5. Be with it. Breathe.
  6. Ask for a fresh perspective/guidance.
  7. See what comes.
  8. Choose a story of how things would look if this issue was cleared.
  9. Feel the joy of living how you want.
  10. Feel the healing of the love and support.
  11. Give Thanks.

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