For many years we have been taught the use of our minds as tools to unwind the confusion from our past..It is time now to balance such wisdom with the heart of our being. Feeling is power. I have come to see that feeling our way through life is certainly a door to unlock the unconscious mind.being present with what we feel can open the mind to be here. When we are present, our spirit can show up and we can live fully.

How do you feel right now?
What are your physical sensations?
Where is your breath?

Observe how your mind matches your feelings. Probably there is a story. This story is valid and may lead you to guidance in the future…
Dream Awakening Meditation..
Upon awakening in the morning, go deep into your feeling body and see whats there.  Breathe. Be present stay in your feeling body. I find that my feelings unlock the stories of the night and often bring deep guidance to the day.

Give thanks!