Nobody can ignore the collective emotional field of sadness and chaos from the recent Earthquakes, war and scares. If we want to take advantage of the intensity of this time, we can choose to shift our perception of fear into a perception of change, trust and surrender to the truth of what is really going on. From here we can choose action that supports us in being balanced in our lives.

There are many voices of reason behind the Earth changes at this time. Is global warming causing the earth flood and fury through volcanoes and tsunami’s? Is it our disconnection from each other which causes a disconnect with the Earth and her cycles? MANY native peoples have prophesied these changes and continue to tell us things are gonna get worse. For many, there is a feeling of helplessness and inferiority that arises. For others, it sparks a feeling of wanting to live more in reverence for nature, in alignment with our beautiful planet.

Throughout history, people have called upon the Mysterious Creator to be able to awaken the powers of faith and trust within. Through experiencing grace, we can find our peace in the grand scheme of things in these times of living complex lives on Gaia. In addition to prayer, we can take action that brings us peace to be able to remain calm in unstable times. Here are some tools for finding peace within while honoring our planet at the same time.

  • Go to bed early
  • Go for long walks in the sun
  • Breathe DEEPLY into your belly
  • Exercise ~ any style you like to start 🙂
  • Eat organic fruits and veggies ~ lots of em
  • Go on healing retreats yearly
  • Shop local to support your community
  • drink pure water in between meals
  • get a massage
  • sing in nature, to your animals and plants
  • cultivate self love through meditation
  • massage your beloved’s feet