Narayani Gaia

For the last 20 years, Narayani Gaia has been initiated into both traditional and modern forms of meditation, movement and healing work while sharing these gifts with others all along the way.

As a student of spirituality. Narayani has sat in many native american ceremonies, received mantra from 5000 year old lineage, swam with whales, went to herbal medicine school and met many spiritual leaders. She has studied folkloric dance and music from central and west Africa since 1993. Narayani has studied 100s of hours of eastern philosophy and healing practices including Qi Gong and Ayurveda.

Narayani has worked as a birth and death doula and has helped people cross over with sharing healing light and prayer. She has also helped many break free of ancestor patterns that are unconsciously running their lives.

As a healer, she has worked with 1000’s of people, both hands on and remotely. She became a massage therapist in 1997, a yoga Instructor through Swami Satchidananda in 1999 and experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 2002 that lasted years to reveal its power.

As a teacher, Narayani created a 500 hour holistic healing curriculum, trained healers in making natural body products and traditional treatments and loves making home made concoctions out of yummy natural oils, flowers and plants for family and friends.

As a spiritual guide, Narayani has worked with hundreds of people to realize their potential. She has led community monthly ceremonies for women, taught spiritual massage workshops,  lead yoga and meditation retreats and has been part of countless prayer rituals for world peace. She is the founder of The Spiritual Awakening Global Summit and Alchemy of

Narayani Gaia is truly a rainbow child and is connected to Truth in all paths and rooted in LOVE as her guide. Narayani does healing, teaching and mentorship with individuals and groups supporting people to breathe, feel, awaken and thrive around the world.