home_slider_2Stepping into presence through the powerful medicine of breath brings me freedom. The fact is that no one, no man, woman or child is the key to my happiness but rather happiness is my birthright no matter what or whom I am in relation with. That is freedom. The freedom to choose how I react, act, dance, feel, heal and grow is something nobody can give me or take away from me.
Claiming PeaceĀ 
I am an infinite possibility awaiting to be realized and in that I find peace. This peace is mine for the claiming. Freedom I feel is rooted in this peace.
The relationships I have that support me to experience all of myself are those that I cherish with the greatest ease. In order to experience peace of mind, freedom in my heart and presence in my body, I choose it. Then, the more I resonate with such presence, the more these types of energies seem to surround me. My life is now graceful.
Feeling It
I feel blessed, loved, free, supported and at peace. May we all know true freedom and joy on this JULY 4th and always. OM shathi shanti shanti.
What is it that brings you Peace and Freedom? Please share generously…