14779140_sWhy is it that people always seem to want better, newer things? Whether it is the newest style, newest music, or newest superfood, people always seem to want things that are new.  New clothes, a new lover, a new cellphone or car.  I love to look at how traditional peoples  lived as a template to understand our human nature. This reflection often helps me answer some of life’s big questions. Did this obsession with newness exist in ancient societies?
The desire for something new is not old. Life is circular.  The seasons show us that things change and spring comes every year and the new buds, like new babes, open our hearts and bring us present to experience beauty and presence.
The fulfillment of desire for new inspiring things in our lives keeps life juicy and fresh, no doubt. But this does not mean we need to discard the old or throw out the past.  In order to create sustainable living in our lives, it is important to be aware of where our resources are coming from. This expanded awareness opens up the intuition and creates an air of gratitude and honor for things in our lives. No “thing” comes from nothing. It takes many people, elements and grace to get a meal on your plate for most of us in the world today. And where did that new plate come from? May we always give thanks for what we have and where it all comes from. If things are new or old, the attitude of gratitude can keep life fresh.
When we want new things all the time to make us happy, we may be attached to external stimulus to bring us joy and fulfillment. Eastern teachings warn of suffering that comes from this sort of attachment. The need for things as source of joy is a backwards way to find inner contentment.  Most adults know that true happiness begins with finding fulfillment inside ourselves…But how do we get to this inner place of contentment? One way, is to see things in our lives as blessings. Another is to meditate on contentment (in sanskrit, we call this SANTOSHA) If we are happy BOTH with or without something, we can receive abundance in life from a detached place while  experiencing expanded joy. Affirmations help with this.
Affirmations seems challenging at first but eventually become easy. Reprogramming your subconscious takes work. Take a few deep breaths and practice.

As a reflection of contentment I feel within, I am grateful for all the abundance that shows up in my life.

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