TRUTH: The more present I am with all the imperfections I feel, the more I am able to free up my energy and live in joy. It works and I am grateful.

I recently starting doing massage and energy work for hospice patients. There is much fulfillment and many lessons of life and gifts to come from this opportunity. Here are some thoughts I offer you on this blessed journey....

  1. Life is precious. Celebrate and Give Thanks

  2. We are all aging all the time. The aging of the body happens to everyone. It is an ongoing process.

  3. What matters is how we are doing in the moment. Be present and real.

  4. The body is with you your whole life until it is time to let go. Practice letting go and relaxing deeply regularly to support ease of spirit and body during you earth walk.

  5. How you live and how you die is a gift for others. Live with love and you will bring positibe change to all.