A higher mind is available to all who are willing to tap into the collective consciousness of the Truth of our human nature, beyond the individual ego, for the sake awakening our potential in benefit to all beings throughout time and space.

Good Boundaries means being able to discern what it is that we do and that which we do NOT want to have in our sacred spaces (lives) .

Sometimes the thing we do not want in our lives is a particular person. These people can be great teachers if we are willing to look for the hidden gifts behind the struggle of any given situation. When we desire joy, we must remove the obstacles and barriers that keep us from experiencing such happiness in our lives.

If our intention is to become more healthy and happy as we live, it is valuable to work through our judgments and distaste for others whom we are challenged by. The door to revealing the gift here is available to all who choose to enter with sincere intention and a pure heart.

If you are ready to open the door, take a moment to look~within.

What IS it in the other person that you do not want in your life? What characteristics do you really like and want to cultivate through relationships with the people you love? What feelings inside of you do you want to nurture ?

If someone has abused you, it may be healthy to remove them from your life. At the same time, this person is a teacher to awaken you to choose not to identify with the QUALITIES which you do not need or want.

Having awareness of our feelings is the key to opening this door to higher mind. For example, if we want to create a boundary with another because we think they are “toxic,” there is a matching pattern of discomfort within us that needs to be seen. We can then place awareness on what we perceive within ourselves around this situation. Here, there exists a feeling behind that thought. What is it IN YOU that is present around the thoughts with this “toxic” other? Your answers hold the key to unlocking the door to reveal the gift behind the struggle, opening the door to higher mind.

When ready, take a moment to FEEL the quality and listen where that is in your body and what it is saying to you now.

This energy, once felt, can be released to make room for more positivity in your life. Often it will clear on its own, once it gets the attention it has been screaming for. This energy may then be consciously replaced with HEALTHY boundaries of goodness in order to attract the positive qualities you desire.

Creating these healthy boundaries is powerful. True deep release of the inner qualities enables us to manifest real beauty from a healed whole place within.

This work can be done together or with the support of a teacher, healer or guide.