For those of us on the path of awakening human potential and higher service, the process of learning how to transcend negative emotions and stories is part of the ongoing work. Transforming beliefs that keep you from moving forward in your life can be confusing and actually seemingly STOP you on the path of awakening.

What I have learned as a healer with 20 years on the path is that we have to both clear patterns and invoke new ones to heal old wounds. Once we heal core wounds, life becomes FLOWING again. These wounds may be around around money, relationships, health or career but once they are healed, ALL ASPECTS of your life open up and great abundance of joy and fulfillment can come in. Once new levels of fulfillment and vitality (healing) happens, it is possible to be of service in a new way.

It is possible to show up in the world with ALL of you for your FAMILY, FRIENDS, COMMUNITY and WORLD from a place of overflow.

If you’d like to  have some tools and tips for increasing the FLOW in your life, Check out this video about

How To Have Abundance on the Path of Service