Blessed Rays of Sparkling Rivers
Swim thru me…

Healing Flow Blessing my veins,
I am baptised from within.

But first!
Obstructions must be cleared…

Ahhhhh, release…

L.Narayani 11/09

I just went through a major cleanse. This time it came in the form of the Seasonal Funk. I was postponing my own cleanse and *BOOM* the universe activated it for me. I was driven within and had to pull all the energy and medicines I know forward in order to get through.

I’m so excited to share these tools of healing with you and my story with hopes to inspire and increase your rate of healing if necessary. I for one, never take anti-biotics for cold and flu so I rely on natural medicinals..Heres the tips. Please share this info freely 🙂

Before bed and Upon Waking

  • Clean the nose..Use Neti Pot with salt water. If you cant breathe through the nose, just sniff some salt water and let a little in
  • Gargle organic tumeric and sea salt

Before Shower

  • Self massage – Heat up virgin olive oil (or unrefined sesame if you have it) . Add some ginger essential oil and a little citrus essential oil, a little lavender is good too. Also, you can use rosemary or Eucalyptus.
  • Massage your body from Head to toe. Spend 5 to 15 minutes. Massage your scalp with a little oil. Then take a hot shower. Use Soap just where you need it most.
  • If you have chick pea flour or ayurvedic uptan, (ginger and bisan is great) and know what I m talking about, rub it over body , after oil , before shower. Otherwise just massage and rinse well.

Visit Health Food Store for Herbal Medicine

  • Herbal Immune boosting Tincture..Try a blend w Osha, Ecinacea and/or Elderberry. Take 15 drops every 2-5 hours

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

  • Make Hot Teas: Grate Ginger, boil. Add fennel and mint. Let it sit, steeping 15 mins. Add local raw honey
  • Drink lots water in between meals

Nourish with good food

  • Avoid wheat and dairy like the plague
  • Eat food that is easily digestible to keep things moving and maximize your energy.
  • Make soups with root veggies. Add miso once cooked. Also add garlic and ginger to foods
  • Eat some fruit between meals
  • If you must have some comfort food, just have a little a bite of chocolate or bite of something yummy
  • Eat Seaweed in soups
  • Vegetarin food cleans you out while nourishing. Thats what you need right now.

Movement Therapy

  • DO gentle movement . Yoga and Chi-Gong are awesome practices. Spend a few minutes a day to keep the channels open through GENTLE movement and visualization of increasing prana and energy in the body and mind.


  • Journal. Sometimes, the negative emotions in response to discomfort can be disturbing. Take time to own what you feel. Write it and journal. Explore the feelings you have and honor them. Dream of your life in a way that honors your better self. Get it out.

Nap. Pray. Go Within


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