I love this time of of year. There is much to meditate on and integrate into our lives.  Here, my awareness goes to the season changing, the high holy days (Jewish New Year/ Yom Kipur) ,  Now the international Day of Peace (yesterday) , Fall Equinox (today) and the fact that it is  the long prophesied mystical year of 2012.  All  these sift through the filter of my awareness as I go deeper inside and reflect on what these mean to me.

I choose to integrate the elements into my life by honoring all traditions within my heart. I choose lifestyle practices that nourish my being and am compassionate with myself when I need the comforts of things to ease my mind. I surround myself with loving and caring people who wish to see me truly happy and successful.  I rededicate my spiritual practices  to the service of all , including myself and Mother Earth. I pray for all of us to wake up to live in deep honor and respect for one another with compassion.

I offer some ideas to look at to integrate your Spiritual Energy with Ma Nature and your own Self, within.

  1. Honor your Body:  Honor the rhythms of change.  Eat warm foods (if its cool out), sleep more if necessary, do some extra gentle exercise to build immunity. Fulfill your need for touch, intimacy.
  2. Honor Nature:  Be outside, wherever you live.  Walk, dance, pray, garden, make music, swim, sail, surf; Let the natural energy of nature bless your energy field and it will benefit you as well as the elements (Like us, Ma Nature is a radiant  living being that thrives from the right type of attention).
  3. Honor your Spirit: Take time to journal, talk with an elder, teacher, beloved parent or dear honest friend about your life, its path and where you are in relation to living your passion and truth. Try to integrate that with living in service to yourself, your family, community and the planet. Cover all bases.   (I can help you here if you want a free 15 minute phone  session , email me)
  4. Have gratitude for all.  This type of  gratitude allows us to be dancing with the love of the Divine in all.

Om Shanthi. Om Peace. Om Shalom.  May all be free from suffering and experience true peace within.