Today is the FIRST NEW MOON of the year. And the LAST new moon of Chinese Year. It is a fresh time in the season of winter to let go of limiting mindsets and create new intentions aligned with you most epic year possible.
It occurred to me while tending the fire in our wood stove here in the mountains this morning that it is a great time to align the inner and outer intentions for the new year. Inner intentions refer to the feelings, mindset, sensations, values and energies that you can perceive and when applied in this ritual will inspire you to live the best year of your life.

Now it is time to align your Outer Intentions so the Inner can manifest…

You may have already tuned into your SOLAR intentions. These are those things that you wish to experience in the outer world. Be that travel, money, spiritual practice or incredible partnership.

Once the inner energies are in your perception and feeling body, allow yourself to apply those feelings to your visions of manifestation.

Simple Ritual

  1. Have a seat. Light a candle. Get your journal or some paper. Write out the energies and feelings you want to experience in all of your relationships with others, nature and the Universe.
  2. Next begin to draw or write out images and visuals that represent the outer things you would like to manifest in this year.
  3. Breathe and be with an expanded awareness and hold both perspectives. in your mind and feel how your life could be this year. No need to figure out how right now.
  4. When you are done. Say a prayer of gratitude to the Universe and invoke the power of trust in your highest and best interest and the best interests of all.