Dying the Ego, Awakening the Self
Being with the dying reminds me that we are all going to go one day. It also gives me questions about my role as a healer. It is, in fact, quite humbling I must say. When I am with someone, I touch their lives in a moment and get a chance to feel who they are and also to completely let go of their ego. We are all going to return within to an egoless state. As the saying goes, no one gets out of here alive. I think this is referring to the ego. Taking the stance that we are all infinite beings with divine qualities that exist beyond time and space, who is it that does not get out of here alive? It is the Ego, meaning the personal identity. The infinite identity is not limited by form or lifetime..

The Ego of the Healer
As a facilitator, I show up and offer loving presence. Unlike other modalities like yoga and bodywork for the living, working with the dying is not trying to heal or fix another. There is nothing I can do to ‘heal’ or end the process of death of the body. Thus, I contemplate my responsibility and role in this process. I experience fulfillment and joy just being the presence of love, outside of the realm of my personal identity. I am not responsible for anothers healing or even transformation. Here, I can let go and let God…

EGO and The Infinite YOU
Still, the ego is needed to live ion third dimension. We all need ego to survive in this world. The thing is that the ego is both positive and negative. Is your ego your amigo? Or is your ego your enemy? Answer probably is: The ego is both. We have parts of our personalities/identities that create stagnation, imbalance and dysfunction. We also have parts of the ego that resonate deeply with beauty, health and joy. It is said that the magnificent qualities of the Ego are closer to our radiant Infinite Self. When we feel good, it is easier to want to give, receive and be present with others.

We all have the ability to understand and think in a similar fashion. There are things in the human experience that we all share. These universal and common experiences open the door.

Meditation as a tool to experience Self
Meditation helps us to quiet the mind and be present with the deep self. Allow this depth to permeate your being. Be guided and blessed with the joy and the natural state of peace will strengthen within you. Here , the Ego can become peaceful and we can cultivate a deeper state of acceptance, peace and love.