butterfly_clarity_sessionAs I prepare to launch my first online Spiritual Healing Program, I am asking some deep questions about what it is I am offering to my peeps. The program is about embodying you dreams. The first question I am exploring today looks like this: WHAT KEEPS YOU FROM CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS?
When it comes to creating in this world, we have been backwards for so long. When you are on the path of finding TRUE happiness, the mindset that says, wake up and go do what is EXPECTED of you, certainly gets old quick. You may feel like you HAVE TO just make a living FIRST or that OTHER PEOPLE are not OKAY with you DOING WHAT YOU WANT most of the time. You may just have NO IDEA what you really want because your whole life, people have been telling you what you SHOULD be doing. That one is common. There are certainly many obstacles to overcome for most people who are authentically seeking a fresh start.
So in order to step it up with our life’s purpose,¬† first we have to CLEAR the stuff¬† that KEEPS YOU from getting a vision of your future life. We also want to start to connect with the positive feelings and qualities that creating this joyful existence requires. All this takes some time and the right type of support system. That is why I love my job! After 20 years of personal spiritual work, I am sooo excited to help hold some serious space for YOU as you step into another level of living truly from your heart in your life.

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