We are here for such a short period of time on Earth. Life is so precious and sacred and every day is a gift. That remembered, I choose to realize the impermanence and breathe again and again into the deep positive energy that is the now. Here I am present with my feelings and can listen in the silence to the guidance that my spirit wants to sing through the whispering magnificence of the Ethers.

Through meditation and patience, I find that the quieter I get, the more peaceful I feel and the more loving the voices of guidance are. I find this to be the voice of the heart. Really quieting the breath and softening, I breathe in between thoughts to make room for the presence of love. To hear the inner voices of love for me requires a peaceful restful space in between thoughts.

To hear the voice of the heart. Close the eyes, breathe and notice what is there. Allow the space between thoughts to give

If you cannot find this voice, EssenceWork can help clear the blockages to joy and love that is within you. Coaching may also be necessary. Phone sessions are available or in person appointments as well.

Blessings of Love to you!
~*~ Lara Narayani