According to many many ancient spiritual cultural traditions from around the world, This time we are living in, is an age on Earth with massive unprecedented challenges. What we encounter in the modern world will be new, with no seeming history of how to navigate our lives.

Where are the teachings from?
To name a few, these teachings are from India, Africa, Australia, The Americas and even Atlantis. They are passed through books, modern ceremony, life initiations, dreams, and ultimately ones own heart.

What do the ancients offer?
This wisdom contains knowledge of living in harmony with nature to sustain health and vitality in these changing times. We are reminded from the past of how to live into the future to survive and thrive with joy. It is possible and is our birthright.

ECO: Life with Nature

Acknowledging the natural world as a teacher and provider guides us to be able to return to a state of inner peace. The goal is to experience a healthy life in relationship to the plants, trees, animals, waters, planets and space. These elements exist in the outer world as well as our individual bodies.

SPIRITUAL: Living the Truth Cutting through the illusion of the limitations of the physical world reminds us that is okay to have faith in the unseen. Then, miraculously , we can see and feel the subtle beauty that always exists It is our birthright as humans to know our true nature. We can do this as we recognize our impermanent selves.

WELLNESS: Feeling Joy

While acknowledging the natural world as a reflection of the individual self, we are able to feel joy, health and happiness in the ever changing world around us

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