Several times today the topic came up around energy and sustenance.This was presented from women who either meditate or do massage and healing work. The question I am often presented with is how to be in integrity in our energy bodies in regards to “taking on” or not “taking on” anothers energy. Usually this question is presented when one feels drained from a relationship or experience or after doing healing work or massage.

I thought about this on the drive home today as I noticed I felt great from the day of working on people. Then, as I regrouped at home tonight after a long day of driving and massaging, I noticed, as I often do when I do a lot of massaging, that my energy felt amazing. I feel open, joyful, breathful, grateful and present.

I decided to FLIP the question of why we feel bad when we give of ourselves into: Why do I feel so amazing after a full day of giving energy out? I do not feel drained or negative at all from doing massage today. Is it MY energy that feels so amazing or maybe I took on someone else’s energy that was really good?

As I sat for meditation after a shower, I noticed my breath, gave thanks and asked myself again. Why do I feel so good after pouring out that much energy? Here’s what came to me God Speed:

I feel strong because I have a steady breath awareness and encourage my clients to do so as well as I massage them. Breathing into my own body and you breathing into your own body in the presence of silent awareness is empowering! From Traditional Chinese Medicine, we learn that if our lung energy is strong, our immunity is also strong. Breathing into the belly while grounding in love GIVES me energy. It is not another person whom I am pulling on or who I am pouring into; Rather, it is the purity of lifeforce that is fueling me while being present in my body while keeping an open heart. With this awareness, I can only walk away from a day of giving massage with a feeling of integrity, balance and fulfillment.

Breathing into the now, I feel amazing. Its a win win all around. Life is beautiful!