Private Facilitator Training

Healers, Visionaries & Guides on the Path of Healing & Awakening

  • Do you have with experience working to support healing energy?

  • Are you called to help manifest this shifting era our paradigm into our new era of peace?

  • Are you wanting more support with your professional path?

  • Would you like to have a mentor to help you unwind your awakening process and get clear?

  • Are you called to study and understand the sacred power connecting your body, mind and spirit?

Introducing: 4 modules of HIgher Self Embodiment

Embody True Self : When you realize you are not your body, mind or feelings, the door is open to reclaim the truth of your essence as infinity. When you awaken to this essence while staying grounded in your body, you can let go of the past, get present and manifest your future
Claim Your Power : Learn how to clear energy, access the heart centered voice of your guides. Transform victim consciousness at will.
Get In the Flow – Cultivate receiving and giving energy to be a vessel for sacred to flow through. Discover the beauty of abundance within and manifest it throughout your life. Join the world and walk with easy access to your gifts.
Divine Surrender As we do your inner work, trusting in the Universe gets easier. Letting go of that which is not in one’s control supports one to walk balance and be in sacred service to the greatest good. This modual shows you how.

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I have been working with Narayani for several months now. I cannot BELIEVE the changes I am going through as a result!

My intuition has spiked, my soul feels empowered and connected to the Universe, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where before there was only darkness.

Narayani is a warm, colorful, but no nonsense person who will drag you out of your shell and guide you gently, but firmly, on your path, wherever you may be going.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be working with such a lovely lady!

Laura Evnin

I am half-way through the learning & applying the keys to my independent business. I’m thoroughly and deeply enjoying Narayani’s coaching, wisdom and passion for supporting client’s to clarify their own power for success. She’s a catalyst for leveraging my own professional business development. I’ve also done one session of her “Essence Work,” which was very interesting.

I’m a retired California mediation attorney who is currently building my Dream Coach (living your dream life personal coaching) practice. I’ve never worked with another professional who has skills similar to Narayani. I was skeptical yet drawn to work with her. I’m so glad I stepped up to hire her because Narayani’s intuitive knowledge is just what I needed in this phase of my business development and solidifying my personal core of ‘truths.’

Leslie Olson - Professional Life Coach

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