5.1 12:15 AM

After the day of sittingĀ  with Indigenous Grandmothers Agnus and Margaret in sacred circle with Timeless Message Tour..

Blessed is the day in ways I have seen myself reflected in the light of the magical presence of sacred circle in community here in Los Angeles. I am free to experience the positive and the seemingly negative and difficult energies presented in prayer and gratitude we sit and listen to each other in a way that is healing and painful and powerful all at the same time.

I let go and let god within in order to make room for guidance and truth to emerge from within. I breath when I see others not breathing and I feel more present in my own body as the awareness of the depth of who I am integrates with the nourishment of deep cellular alertness and awakened light.

Seeing truth of who I am and where I am allows life force to live committing to allowing obstacles to fall away again again. I am loved I am peace and I surrender to the truth of all these positive qualities not as affirmations but as REAL recognition of actual living energy that exists always.

I call in blessings with gratitude, peace and abundance for all of creation now.


Waves of powerful healing light merging with humility call forward my spirit to choose unconditional love and life. The divine is alive and well and I will choose to live on this peace again and again.

We spent Sunday morning at Agape with Grandmother Agnus, Michael Beckwith and 1000 others with tens of thousands listening and watching around the world. Profound love and light permeates my cells as I feel the sweetness and receive the love that is offered during that precious experience in timelessness. Full prayers and invocations reach way out into the auric field of our beautiful planet and deep into the hearts of Gaia as we remember how amazing we are and love each other in ways never before expressed. Its a Love Fest to the fullest. Anyone who has a chance to connect with the sacred energies of Agape International Spiritual Center, I suggest you dig in. This stuff is deep and it is delicious. Watch the service I got to attend @ http://www.indigoplatforms.tv/recorded/video/782

Back in Santa Cruz, Monday eve, the buzz still permeates my mind as I continue to digest the love of the experiences I am having. Awake and alert and relaxed I am changed yet the awareness of who I am as a sacred timeless being persists and continues to recharge my body mind with deep breaths affirming surrender to my soul.