It is the last new moon of summer. I see the new moon as and opportunity to tune into the natural flow of rebirth that is part of the natural flow of womanhood. Every month, women between about 13 and 50 shed and purify our bodies in order to start a fresh cycle. There is nothing new about seasons of life and natural cycles; Yet honoring the cycles will renew our spirits, again and again.
It has been up to this point quite a private matter to discuss moon time and women. Yet, the time has come to really bring the dark into the light so to speak and allow women to honor our cycles through rest and rejuvenation during this powerful time. Even if women are done with bleeding, it is helpful to honor hormonal cycles through being present monthly with the inside cavities of self in our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.
When the men on our lives honor the sacred moontime of women, there is a renewal and a healing that happens for women and families. I have seen it and I have been blessed to be supported in my community as I rest and nurture my body during moon time. I rest, sleep, journal, eat what I want, create and pray. It is time for self renewal.
When we honor Mama, everyone is happy. When we honor Mother Earth and the Sacred Moon, we are able to awaken to the mystery of life, nurturing and resting, through honoring creation, starting from within. I invite you, dear reader, to take time to honor your body and the body of the women in your life by encouraging rest and renewal for the rest of this summer season. The time of the red tent has returned.