We are in the middle of 2 super moons. The energy is strong and the people to love and ways to serve our beautiful planet are never ending. Lots of loss and lots of love.  Below is a poem about my healing journey.

Creativity returns
in yearning for extraordinary..

Rules no longer apply
Magic is my destiny

I will emerge like a butterfly again
Being seen
Feeling safe
Knowing my worth.

For now I sit
In the prayer of a question
Crying tears that heal
Singing songs to soothe the soul.

Collective heartbeat awakens
Within the power of now
There is a way to get through
The only way out..

Oh this precious life.
Again, I remember
All is love

Narayani – Jan 16 2018

Its been 6 months ….

It has been 6 moons since the passing of Chief Elk Man/ Blue Star. It is an honor to know him, to be part of this circle and to know how much love this star being brought and still brings to our world. Thank you all for sharing your hearts more and more in honor of him and all of our relations. We are one.