All of creation is sacred, even technology and chemicals. I pray we can use these inventions in balance with the Earth Mother to sustain and support vitality for future generations in our beautiful world.

Whoa! The Seasonal funk is my new GURU! Lord! Goddess! Over 2 weeks later and I am still fighting the demons here. Fortunately, I am blessed by my Spiritual Teacher, The Funk!

So after 9 days, I managed to manifest an ear infection for the first time in my adult life. OUCH! Not much sleep, much pain and non stop self care remedies including warm onions around my ear to drain the lymph and steams several times a day to open the sinuses and YES, medications..

After 3 nights of ear discomfort, I decided to eat a big piece of humble pie. I made the appointment and went to see the Nurse Practitioner for a dose of some killer anti-biotics. Whew! I am so grateful for Western Medicine! No I don’t say that so often and Yes, I will remember to say it more and more.

Everything in our world is connected with God/Goddess ALL that is. The East South West and North, um hum..All traditions, including our modern American society, have gifts to enhance our lives for healing, wellness and sustainability. Even white pills from a lab are divine..Whoa! My perception of the planet just got a bit more REAL.

I am ready to make a new level of commitment to nurture myself and love myself. If I continue to evolve, learn and grow into a healthier and happier being, I can support others in doing the same. My personal goals just got deeper and I just got 1000 times more focused on the path. I am really looking forward to sharing a new level of myself with the world.

I was putting off a cleanse and so I manifested a Funk to slow me down to clean out relax and go within. My mind and spirit were moving sooo much faster than my body could . Slow down, even if it means missing work or not going to the party. Health is golden. Honor your emotional , mental and physical needs by taking regular time to relax alone. This builds your immunity and gives the body a chance to rest.

How do you see The Sacred in our world? Is it just through religion? Your yoga practice? Or can you see the Divine in all aspects of your life?

Do you honor yourself enough to say no even when you KNOW that NO is what is best for you? Are you open to change that? Do you have the tools to create the change you wish to be?

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May you see the world as a wonderful place to be alive. Ashe’,Amen, Mtakyasin, Aloha, Shalom, Salam, Aloha, so be it.