Shirodhara Complete System in Copper




Everything you need to begin practicing shirodhara. Our beautiful copper stand has brass accents and was designed by Ajara’s Founder, Nicole Hinterstocker who has been practicing the art of shirodhara since 1999, and training new practitioners since 2000.  It is made by Local craftsmen and craftswomen at Ajara’s Home Location in Cedar Grove Wisconsin.  Our copper Shirodhara pot is hand spun in India and finished here in our workshop with a brass valve that is forged in the Midwest.  We offer two package options (with available customizations, if need be) for your convenience, as seen below:

  • Hands-On System:This is the traditional system for giving a shirodhara. Fully hands on, the flow of oil comes from the copper vessel, onto the forehead (an area traditionally called the third eye), down the hair and vinyl strip, and into the warming pan, where the flow continues with the shirodhara therapist re-pouring the warmed oil back into the copper vessel. While this method requires skill and an ability to quiet one’s own mind, it is the most energetically positive way to give a shirodhara treatment.Hands-On Set-up includes:
    • Copper Shirodhara Stand
    • Copper Shirodhara pot w/control valve
    • 2 Copper Pouring Pitchers, size #1 (6 cup capacity)
    • Electric Solid Element Burner
    • Vinyl Strip for directing the oil back to the pitcher (not shown)
    • PDF electronic copy of our Shirodhara Training Manual
  • Electric System: This package includes all the equipment needed for performing a virtually hands free shirodhara. Especially beneficial for the therapist with shoulder or back injuries because it requires no heavy oil pan lifting. Just turn the pump on and let the oil flow! Using the hands-free system also allows for Reiki or subtle marma point therapy during the treatment. The copper pitcher allows for a uniform copper look and provides a tall, narrow container for your oil and pump, so it all comes off without a hitch!
    Electric System includes:

    • Copper shirodhara stand
    • Copper shirodhara vessel with control valve
    • 1 Copper Pitcher Size #2 (10 cup capacity to allow extra space for the pump)
    • Electric oil pump with 6 feet 4 inches of hose (Pump not shown)
    • Electric Solid Element Burner
    • Vinyl strip for guiding oil back to the pitcher (not shown)
    • PDF electronic copy of our Shirodhara Training Manual

Note, the pump (which is not shown in this picture) sits INSIDE the copper pouring pitcher. The vinyl tubing attached to the pump then runs up the pole of the shirodhara stand, and empties into the copper shirodhara vessel.

Both the shirodhara stand and vessel can be customized to fit your needs.  If this is needed, please contact us to discuss how we can help you!

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Weight 25 lbs