Products is dedicated to offering products that are hand made with love and kindness. Our products are created with consciously harvested organic materials in mind in order to support the sustainability of people and the planet equally.

13319602_sShirodhara Equipment >

These beautiful copper supplies are handcrafted and designed to support the practitioner and client in providing shirodhara sessions with ease and grace so your client can experience ease of mind and peace of heart.



massage_therapy_4_200 Ayurvedic Oils >

Hand crafted organic oils for massage and self care: Handmade made Nicole Hinterstocker of Ajara and brought to you here…


eswEnergy Spritzers >

The gift of healing can remove negativity from any space and bring magnificent feelings of lightness and love. With support from these charged products, we have an instant Ah-ha! from just a quick spritz. Truly awesome.