Yesterday, I was able to say good bye to a friend whom I have really respected and love deeply. During the past  week, tears flowed gently as my heart opened up. Yesterday, I  recognized the unique gifts he embodies that he has now left us to live and express in the world.. He was funny, caring, deep spiritual and kind and always to this day, brought people together. The world is a better place because this man was here. What are you going to leave in this world?

  • Do you feel like you would like to discover how to embody you gifts more fully in this beautiful crazy world?
  • You would like to but perhaps you do not have the energy to figure this all out.
  • You feel stressed and confused about how to make this transition to living your gifts?

Would you like to:

  • Experience lightness, joy and balance within?
  • Be a living example for you clients, friends and family?
  • Share your gifts with ease and grace while being supported at the same time?

In order to create this change, we have to create space in our lives. One way to do this is to purify our bodies and minds to be able to activate new habits of Self Care. I am going through a cleanse myself right now and invited some friends to join along.

I decided to embark a 7 day cleanse, with the spring equinox being the HEART of the experience. I invited  a crew of folks here in Santa Cruz  who also soon committed to their own healing and empowerment through a 7 day journey. We are supporting each other in creating a container for more vitality to enter our lives. As a service, I am extending this support  to the greater (Internet) community an opportunity to tune in and experience some of the energy and create your own healing program!