I  have been meditating on Self Love the last few months ~ kind of as a touch stone. What is self love? How can I love myself more so I can support others in loving self more so we can love each other and thus love ourselves and our world totally and completely? These are some of the questions that seep into my meditations and yesterday morning I heard an answer.

The answer went like this: If you focus on SELF LoVe, it is possible to receive  more.  Not the other way around. So when we love ourselves, we are able to receive more. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Also, if we focus on our love for others, it is easy to give more to others. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND . This is different than the ol’, give to receive philosophy. Here, we feel love for others and GIVING naturally occurs. We feel love for SELF and receiving naturally happens.

Usually we focus on action to have results. I have been shown that our intention can bring greater ease in achieving results.

Some guidelines for manifesting LOVE through the filter of  your heart’s intention:

1.  If you feel like you are lacking in love, start with feeling self love and then be open to receive it from the world

2. If you feel good love for yourself and are ready to share, focus on loving others within your own heart.

3. Once you cultivate love of others in side of you, the only thing left to do is share yourself in a good way with the world through generosity, compassion, beauty, humility and wisdom.

4. If step 3 is not happening, return to step 1 and begin again. There is no time limit, let your love of self and others unfold naturally.