The transatory element of Fall is all about loving and letting go. Take the metaphor of a healthy tree. The tree’s roots run deep into the earth during all cycles of the year. A solid strong trunk is in a natural state of contentment Perhaps Native peoples have called trees “standing people” because humans can be grounded in life like a tree, we can let go of the need to cling to the beautiful things that pass through our hands or our auras everyday. Appreciating the changing things gives us the opportunity to love and let go.


Being open to the changes that occur in our lives enables us to be be free from clinging to patterns, situations and people that no longer serve us. The cool breeze of Autumn beckons for deep breathing to enlivened the life force and awaken fullness within our lives only to release and share this life giving energy in a good way with The Universe.

We are conduits made of natural energy. We are connecters between the magnificent Earth Mother and Sky Father, if we allow ourselves to be. Being a conduit, we are free from needing to cling to anyone or anything and are content in the simple beingness of the moment. Breathing into and out of this awareness while standing in nature nourishes our own human nature. This inner nature is awakened through returning to the heart of life and exists in relationship to our environment in a pure way if we tune in. When we need to return to balance with ourselves and out environment, we can stand like a tree in Nature, uniting energy within the heart.


Stand on grass, in the forest, your yard or anywhere where there is dirt. Allow your feet to sink down as you visualize your energy dropping through the legs and bend your knees. Breathe into your belly and keep awareness rooted in the Earth as you raise your arms to the sky and breathe open your mind to the heavens. Notice any thought that come into your mind or listen for guidance you seek and have gratitude for the simplicity of the goodness of being in balance.